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Combatting Informational Help For the Homeless in One Spot on the Web


    Hi-ya! My name is Veronica Messer I’m a 31 year old homeless woman in Texas with 2 kids. My children are not homeless. My children are my World. I sent my son to live with part of his family in California. (Long Story) My daughter is in safe care here in Texas. (Another Long Story)

     The sort of short version of those long stories is that I had to make some very difficult decisions for the well being of my children. No my children weren’t taken from me and no I’m not some kind of boozer or druggie or any thing of the sort. I’ve made some bad decisions in my life and I have trusted some of the wrong people and I have tried to help out some people who either didn’t deserve any help or went how I like to say “Went Crazy Stupid” .  Either you can’t pay the bills, you help others in need and they don’t pay you back or they don’t pay you back like they have in the past, or you move in with people and they still from you or how about family that pretty much steals from you or after they get your rent from you in cash of coarse they either kick you out or start tripping and force you to leave.

     So now I’m Homeless living in my van. I do have a job and I do have an income. Right Now I’m in the processes of saving up to get a place and get back on my feet. but just because you have a job doesn’t mean you will have a house or apartment to live in. Rent cost money and so do deposits.

   Now about this Blog. Well Driving down the road one day going some where I don’t remember: I thought how I’ve been Homeless a couple times before and not knowing where to go or what to do. And the places that you think you could go and get hlep or answers don’t have them or enough. How about you go one place and they have an info sheet and you go to another place and they say wow we don’t even have all of this information. 

    Well with today’s information highway getting to more people and more people getting to this awesome information highway. Free access at the libraries coffee shops and so many other places and more and more Internet savvy people becoming homeless maybe this can help a bit.

     My plain is to have a full website dedicated to each city across the USA to start with that will help the homeless find help.


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