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Software For Site Update

Well Hello to All. Well I just couldn’t wait to share with ya’ll what I figured out I could do for the software to get things rolling a little faster.

I can’t get the time to go to my storage Unit to find my software right now. My van is broken and haven’t had the time or resources to fix it yet. So I thought about down loading some free software to work on the site. But I really want to use my FrontPage. I spent a lot of money on it back when i had a lot of money. ….LOL! So I went to Different sites looking for some thing free because money is tight right now. But I want every thing to be legal and wasn’t going to steal software from one of those share files and programs sites. Well I started looking on Microsoft Office site for some thing else AND I DON”T KNOW WHY I DIDN”T THINK OF THIS SOONER. Brain Freeze, I Guess! I down loaded a Trail issue of the New SharePoint that is to replace Front Page. I figure I could use the Trail version to get things started they say they give you 60 days to try it out but I got a little more for some reason. Well either before the 60 days or my trail issue is up I’ll be able to purchase the none Trail issue. Yipee! For Me.

I just couldn’t wait I want to get this site up and running properly so we can help the Homeless of The U.S.A. Maybe even other Countries Too. But One State and One Country at a time. :0)! 50 States is Big enough start to begin with…..LOL! We can do it.

N ow I haven’t done a site in a while and i’m self taught on web design so it might take longer then others to get this up and running. Like earlier I relized one of my problems or errors or what ever you want to call it was that I was renaming the pages without the ” .htm’s” at the end of the names and things weren’t working right I through about 30 or 40 of the states and then figured it out….LOL! Now a few things are coming back to me. Yipeee! Now I feel so much better and I have totaly less worries about geting the site up and running. Yipeeeee!

Well Tah-tah for now I’m going back to the naming of the pages and the titles and ect.

ya’ll have a blessed day and Happy Thanksgiving and May it Be a Blessed one for ALL!


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