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Hello to All,

I have Great Great News for ALL. I have acquired a full website. http://www.HelpI’ Now it is not totally up and running yet but it is in the works. It might look a little messy if you check it out right now but please be patient and “It Will Be Awesome”

Also other great news I’m no longer homeless. Yipee! I’m now staying with some friends. My son is doing great still but my daughter hasn’t handled things very well. But I’m sure that that will be rectified soon.

Now Now Don’t think just because I’m no longer homeless that I’m given up on this site and going to let it slip away. Not at all. It means I’ll be able to work on things more and build it faster and better to help others. Just as planed! :0)

Thank You for your kind words.

It just has taken me a little longer to get things moving a little faster because of my computer breaking. I now have a new used desk top that I put on lay-away and paid a little at a time to get. So far so good. :0). I still do hope to get a laptop so I can do even more to build to it’s Greatness.

I’ve decided to use this Web Blog Here on Word Press as a sort of Update informer of what is going on and what is to come. And there are GREAT things to come.

Right now I’m gathering resource information and getting it ready to add to and I’m trying to find my copy of FrontPage software I had from a business I use to have to use it for the website. It is boxed up in my storage unit hopefully. I have lost a lot of things or they have been stolen or destroyed but I’m not going to give up. Man I would love to get my hands on some Dream Weaver but but my FrontPage will work great too. The Software the offer from my web host is o.k. just not what I’m wanting for the site. It is much more difficult to lay things out right. Well the search goes on for the Front Page.

Thank you for your time and be sure to check out the site over the next few weeks and months and even here to see what is going on.

Thanks :0)!



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