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 I will Keep adding to this list until I get all I can added Here is just a little taste as I work on things. If you have any information that might be helpful please e-mail me at ( yes that is the correct spelling for the e-mail “-lss” not “-less”) or Direct mail at :

Veronica Messer

c/o General Delivery

Corpus Christi, TX 78410


Salvation Army

521 Josephine

Phone: (361) 888-6174

As from what I gather this place is for long term meaning for at least 2 weeks or more. And If you are like I was and work grave yard this is not the place for ya. But they are very helpful and freindly.  No Pets

Good Samaritain Rescue Mission

210 S. Alameda

Phone (361)  882-0911

   This is a pretty nice place. You must be an Animal lover to stay here. Well it’s not an requirement or rule but If you dislike animals you wouldn’t want to stay here. There are alot of Rules which they layout in Black & White for ya. But Nothing to hard to follow. They have a little Coffee Shop, Thrift Store and Mini Park on one side of the Street and the Office and housing on the other side.  The Coffee is Free and from what I saw and was told they some times have little cakes too.

     They have bunk beds (approximatley $8 -$9 a night) in Dorm like rooms, AC and they have showers a place to wash your clothes ($1 a load). A  Big T.V. in a comon Area for all to watch. Soda Machines. They also Have Private Rooms for rent. The prices on these rooms have recently went up. I was quoted $85 and up. The only one that they had at that time was for $90. Didn’t get to check out the Private rooms but the Bunk Dorm area Seems pretty nice. In the womans area they have another T.V. and couches and Chairs and it is AC cool and you can sit back and chill. They have a work for a bed program to if you can afford to pay for a bunk. The private rooms are not on the work for bed program though.

    They also have a Work Force Program. You get paid minimal wage. You get paid daily. They will provide Transportaion to the site and back  for $1.50 (Which they will take out of you pay check.) Also a pretty decent Sack Lunch for $2.00.  

      3 Meals a day are provided free of charge. Haven’t had the pleasure yet. But I’m pretty sure they are good.

If you need clothing you can get a voucher for the thrift store. I use to shop there many years back when I lived in CC, TX before.  The Coffee Shope is Pretty Cool. Cool AC and a nice hot cup of Coffee & maybe a little snack. Yipee! Yumm Yumm!

There are tons a beautiful kitties walking around (I Love Cats; well All Animals) They also have a Kennel area for Dogs. It is so Great to see a Place that is helpfull with the 4 legged homeless family members.

Don’t you Dare hurt even one little hair on any of these little ones heads. You will be kicked out. Which i feel would be rightful at the least!

Mission 911

911 Park Ave

Phone: (361) 882-0911

     I don’t know much about this place yet.

 Rainbow House

1906 Leopard

Phone: (361) 887-0670

Women & Women with Children

 I don’t know much about this place yet.

 Rustic House

1919 Leopard

Phone: (361) 888-4446

MUST BE disabled or over 60 yrs old

 I don’t know much about this place yet.

 Search For Truth

709 Waco

Phone: (361) 882-4143


September 19, 2007 - Posted by | Corpus Christi, Housing, TX

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  1. i pulled this up on some hopeless google search and it really cheered me up. awesome thankss for the good info, maybe i can even help you fill some of it in soon.

    Comment by alan | October 11, 2007

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